Public Art. Is it right for you?

  • ONLY 4 Day left to register

PUBLIC ART ACADEMY- the business side of making art.

Are you an artist interested in getting into public art, and have you been navigating the field for a while.

If you are like most public artists you…

…Feel overwhelmed by the complexity of navigating the system!

…Want to be a part of a city’s cultural legacy!

…Want to get paid collaborating with a design team

…Aware that you need to be able to effectively talk about your work with architects and contractors

…Are wildly curious about the intersection of art and architecture.

We know all about these challenges! We talk to public artists everyday who are searching for information that will help them do what they love… ART!

The PUBLIC ART ACADEMY helps artists-

  1. Understand public art business models
  2. Market by speaking and writing effectively
  3. Pitch a story to a journalist
  4. Really know their magic and how make money with it
  5. Learn how their work fits into the field of public art
  6. With new business tools from business and marketing professionals.
  7. Create the link between VISION and the behavior needed to make the vision happen.

Option 1:

Þ    Enroll in the Public Art Academy

Saturday       March 13      9am- 2pm

Sunday         March 14      9am- Noon

$200.00 (this price will only be offered one time)

Option 2:

Þ    Pick and Choose

  1. Marketing
  2. Business Models
  3. Tapping into your Magic

$80.00 per session

(Please note: attend all of three sessions because the info is cumulative)

Space is limited to only 50 people

Register today at

Speakers include: Laura Cowperthwaite, Thriving Artist Alliance; Marty Gregg, Art House Designs; Jose Mercado, CU Theatre Professor and creator of Labyrith Arts; Maria Cole, Klipp Architects; Pauline Herrera, PR & Marketing Director; Denver Office of Cultural Affairs; Jeffrey Messer, The Entrepreneur’s Source; Colleen Fanning, Fanning Partnership; Kendall Peterson, DOCA; Jil Rosentrader, Colorado Council on the Arts, Deana Miller, Cultural Division, City of Aurora; and Cynthia Morris, Original Impulse, and other passionate business and marketing professionals who want to help you move your career to the next level.

Have questions?  Post them here….


  1. Your classes sound intriguing, but do to time restraints (I will be packing for a move.) I would like to attend the Marketing class only. When I clicked to the pay portion of this site I saw only the $200 price. Can you tell me which day and time the Marketing class is and how to pay for it?

    1. Hi Mickey,
      Thanks for alerting me to this glitch in the payment area. I’ll get that fixed right away. Yes, absolutely you can join us for this section. The speakers that will be sharing their years of expertise are Pauline Herrera, PR & Marketing Director for the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, and two others who will be announced shortly. Give me just about an hour and my team will get this issue fixed. Thanks and look forward to meeting you.

    2. Hi Mickey,
      The links are update with options for attending just one session, whether it be marketing, business, or understanding how your work fits into this profession.

      The links are really small however, for some reason my associate wasn’t able to get it to read larger.
      Look forward to meeting you in two weeks,
      Warm regards, Colleen

  2. Thanks Colleen, just one little thing . . . what is the date and time of the Marketing Portion of you program.

    1. Hi Mickey, I just found how we have communicated in the past, it’s through my blog. Thanks for calling and it was nice to put a voice with your picture! Hope to officially meet you soon!

  3. The Marketing portion is scheduled to begin at approximately 12:30- 12:45 and last until 1:40 with questions until 2pm.

    This will be presented by Pauline Herrera at Denver Office of Cultural Affairs and I’m solidifying an additional special guest with expertise in social media.
    Thanks for your question Mickey, see you next week!

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